Building Access & Keys

Building Mcard Access and Key Issuance Guidelines

  1. The Office of the Associate Vice President for Facilities and Operations (April Fielek, Fleming Building Manager, room 3025) handles all key distribution and Mcard access for the Fleming Administration Building. Keys and building Mcard access may not be requested directly from the key office.
  2. The building hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday - Friday; doors unlock at 7:15am and lock at 5:30pm. Only regular employees will be given building keys and Mcard access. Building access should be requested only for those staff members who regularly need access outside of normal working hours.
  3. Keys and Mcard access to the building after hours for students, temporary employees and visitors is to be provided by a regular employee or by arranging security services and not by providing or loaning keys or Mcards.
  4. Key Administrators may request after hour access for recurring meetings that will be considered by the Fleming Building Manager based upon meeting information. Including but not limited to a Fleming Building staff member(s) is in attendance and attendees must be UM Faculty or staff. Form available on the Fleming website. Allow at least 3 business days for processing of door access.
  5. The Key Administrator from your department must submit a Building occupant form on the Fleming website to make arrangements for key distribution and afterhours Mcard access to the building.
  6. Keys and Mcards are NOT transferable. Individuals who no longer are eligible to have Fleming Building keys or Mcard access due to termination, change in duties, change in location, etc. must notify & return keys to the Fleming Building Manager.
  7. It is the responsibility of each departmental Key Administrator to ensure that all keys are returned and building access is communicated to the Fleming Building Manager using the Fleming website.
  8. The Building Manager manages a database containing a list of employees holding keys, key numbers, building Mcard access and other pertinent information. An annual key report will be sent to departmental key administrators for their review, verification and correction.
  9. After-hours building access is through Mcard only.
  10. Employees are responsible for keeping their key and Mcard in a secure location.
  11. All lost keys and Mcards must be immediately reported to the Fleming Building Manager.

For questions or concerns, please contact us at 764-3402.

Building Occupants Form

Department Key Administrator's are responsible for submitting a Building Occupants form which notifies the Mailroom/Information Desk and Building Manager for the following services:

Anita Greca, Mailroom/Information Desk (OVP Government Relations):

  • Mail services
  • Directory signage
  • List of building occupants
  • FLEMDOC and Flemingbuildingstaff email groups

April Fielek, Building Manager (Office of the Associate Vice President for Facilities & Operations):

  • Key distribution
  • Afterhours building access
  • EAFLEMING email group

Fleming Neighborhood IT:

  • Computer support

(authentication required)

Building Meeting Request Form

Click here to fill out a Meeting Request form

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