Custodial Service (Get it Cleaned)

Our building is cleaned following OS1 (Operating System 1). For more information on OS1 visit:

Cleaning schedule for our building is as follows:

We will have 2 custodial staff members cleaning the building from 6pm to 2am Sunday through Thursday. They can be identified by their UM or OS1 shirts.


  • Common area cleaning such as restrooms, hallways, conference rooms and kitchenette areas. This includes floor care (vacuuming or mopping), glass cleaning, toilet, and sink cleaning.
  • Trash and recycling pulled from common areas--kitchen, conference rooms and hallways.


  • Recycling and trash in offices and cubicles.
  • Offices are vacuumed and spot dusted.


  • Monday - 5th & 6th
  • Tuesday - 2nd & 4th
  • Wednesday - 3rd
  • Thursday - 1st & lower level

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