Building Email Groups

  • FLEMDOC (Fleming Administration Building Department Orientation Coordinators)

    The FLEMDOC group is the Building's official communications fan out system to building occupants for emergency alarm testing notification, building maintenance issues, event notification and business related communications. FLEMDOC group is maintained and updated by Anita Greca, OVP Gov. Relations.

  • EAFleming (Emergency Alert Fleming)

    The EAFleming group is used only to send out emergency notifications to all building staff. EAFleming group is maintained by the AVPFO Office.

  • Flemingbuildingstaff

    The purpose of the Flemingbuildingstaff group is to notify all Fleming staff of building business related communications and events. Flemingbuildingstaff group is maintained and updated by Anita Greca, OVP Gov. Relations.

Signage & Bulletin Boards

We encourage all signage to be posted on the bulletin boards located in the central hallways of each floor, basement bulletin boards are located right off the elevators and 1st floor behind the information desk.

For events in the building signage maybe posted 24 hours before the event outside the elevator doors on each floor and must be taken down after the event.

Guidelines for Bulletin Boards

  • Flyers should to be dated.
  • Flyers must be represented by a department in the Fleming Building. vUse thumbtacks only for hanging flyers.
  • Flyers will be first come, first serve.
  • The bulletin boards on each floor will be used as "everything boards," at the discretion of the departments on that floor.
  • Do not post flyers in or on the elevators.
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