Fleming Building Emergency Procedures

Note: When using a cell phone to call 911, remember that you will be connected to a non-University dispatch center. Tell the operator that you are at the University of Michigan and you will be transferred immediately.


  • Activate nearest fire alarm
  • Continue to evacuate even when the alarm shuts off
  • Proceed to nearest exit
  • Use stairs, not elevators
  • Assist persons with disabilities/special needs
    Areas of Assistance - located by all stairwells on each floor
    If unable to reach Areas of Rescue Assistance stay in an office, close door & call 911
  • Meet in front of Munger Residences
  • Stay away from building entrance(s)
  • Account for individuals
  • Re-enter area only when directed by authorities

Seek Shelter

  • Close all doors, including main corridors
  • Move to lowest interior space of building (hallway, basement, restroom) away from windows and glass
  • Crouch near floor or under heavy, well supported objects and cover back of your head
  • If outdoors and there is no time to move into an interior space, lie flat in nearest depression (ditch, ravine) and cover back of your head
  • Monitor WEMU 89.1, WWWW 102.9, WQKL 107.1, WTKA 1050AM, or WLBY 1290AM for all clear

Active Shooter
Active Shooter
Run, Hide, Fight

1. Run

  • Have an escape route and attempt to evacuate
  • Evacuate regardless if others agree
  • Leave your belongings

2. Hide

  • Hide out of shooter’s view
  • Lock and/or barricade the door
  • Silence your cell phone
  • Always be aware of a new escape route

3. Fight

  • Goal – Distract, Disorient, Disarm
  • Designate an attack team
  • FIGHT as a last resort

Automated External Defibrillator
Automated external defibrillator

Training for AED & CPR is offered by the AVPFO Office to Fleming building staff every other year at no expense to staff members. Next available training will be in 2018.


Please do not leave valuables (bags, laptops, cell phones, etc.) unattended at any time while in the building. Further, do not leave your office/work space open and unsecured if you are leaving the space.

PDF Click here for more information on the Fleming Building Emergency Action Plan

PDF Click here for BIRT Presentation

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