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Listed below are a few common recycling items and locations in the building.

  • All paper, plastic and cardboard recyclables can be mixed in the same recycle bins - bins located on each floor in central hallway. More information on Single Stream Recycling.
  • Batteries – bin located on basement dock
  • Recycle Write - bin located on basement dock
  • Styrofoam/polystyrene – bag and place on basement dock
  • Toner cartridges – bin located on basement dock in room #124:
    • Place empty cartridge into box labeled "Mikan Corporation"
    • Empty cartridges will be picked up every two weeks
    • If you notice an earlier pick-up is needed, please contact April Fielek
  • Light bulbs – bin located on basement dock

For information on campus sustainability please go to the following websites:


Due to our commitment to make a difference in our environmental footprint, the Fleming Building has chosen to participate in a composting program. Click here for program presentation.

Composting Tips:​


  • 1st place winners of the 2015 Recycling Champions Competition!
  • 2nd place winners of the 2014 Recycling Champions Competition!
  • 3rd place winners of the 2012 Recycling Champions Competition!
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