Alterations or Renovations of Department Spaces

All proposed physical modifications, alteration, renovations, including painting of public spaces assigned to departments must be reviewed in advance by the building manager. This requirement applies regardless of the source of funds utilized.

Lost & Found

  • Keys are turned into the Office of the Associate Vice President of Facilities and Operations (April Fielek, Fleming Building Manager, room 3025).
  • Lost and found items go to Mailroom/Information Desk (Anita Greca, Fleming Information Desk)

Property Disposition

To dispose of office supplies/items such as computers, desks, filing cabinets and ECT –

  1. Read/Print "Directions for completing a Declaration of Surplus Form" and obtain a "Declaration of Surplus Form."
  2. Complete the form, indicating each item you are sending. Make sure you include your Shortcode on this form. If the Shortcode isn't provided, Property Disposition will not be able to receive or sell your surplus. (If your shipment includes computers, you must sign and print your name on the original D.O.S form.)
  3. Schedule a delivery date with Steve Sinelli from Property Disposition.
    (Property Disposition will not pick up your surplus).
    1. (734) 763-7303, or
  4. Two options you have for delivery of items:
    1. Drop off the items at Property Disposition or
    2. Call Moving and Trucking (Phone: 764-2487) and schedule a pick up on the date received from Steve Sinelli from Property Disposition.

Use of Building

The physical resources that constitute the buildings, grounds, and equipment of the University are among our most valuable resources. As such, University-owned property is not to be used for personal, for-profit, or illegal purposes. The Fleming Building is for the use of faculty, staff, students, and visitors in pursuit of University activities including teaching, research, patient care, and administrative activities.

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